Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation – 1.2 In these Conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning set out next to them:

Where the context permits the singular includes the plural

2.0 The Course Provider’s Obligations

These Conditions are the terms applying as between the Course Provider and the Delegate. For the avoidance of doubt, the Booking Agent acts as agent for the Course Provider in taking bookings and receiving payments in respect of Courses. The Booking Agent does not contract on its own behalf and
shall not be liable in respect of any costs, claims, loss, expenses or liability incurred by or made against it by any Delegate in connection with any Course or failure to provide the same by the Course Provider.

All Courses will be provided by the Course Provider with reasonable care and skill.

All Driver CPC Courses offered by the Course Provider meet the requirements of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Joint Approval Unit of the same as regards courses relating to Driver Certificates of Professional Competence.

All Non Driver CPC Courses are, where applicable, approved by and meet the requirements of any relevant body in relation to that Course.

The Course Provider will make all appropriate notifications to the relevant regulatory body, in connection with a Delegate’s attendance on a Course.

The Course Provider, or the Booking Agent on behalf of the Course Provider, will notify the Delegate of any variation in Course details as soon as reasonably practicable.

3.0 Delegate’s Obligations
Delegates shall comply with all reasonable instructions of the Course Provider during the Course.

Delegates shall pay the Fee in accordance with clause 4 below.

Delegates shall produce such documents proving their identity or other documents as the Course Provider shall instruct them to bring with them to the Course. In the event that a Delegate fails to bring the required identification documents the Delegate may be excluded from the Course without refund or other liability on the Course Provider. To the extent that a Delegate who fails to produce the required identification documents is permitted to complete the Course the absence of identification documents is likely to effect the ability of the Delegate to claim the time spent on that Course towards his Certificate of Professional Competence or other relevant certification or training obligation.

4.0 Charges and Payment
The Fee shall be the amount notified to the Delegate as being the charge for the relevant Course prior to booking. Fees advertised in marketing literature or on the Booking Agent’s website may be subject to change and such indications of fees are not offers by the Course Provider. The Booking Agent will confirm the Fee during the booking process. VAT will be added to the Fee if applicable.

The Fee is payable upon booking and shall be paid to the Booking Agent on behalf of the Course Provider. In the event of cancellation clause 5 below shall apply.

Following payment, the Booking Agent will send the Delegate a booking confirmation notice on behalf of the Course Provider confirming the time, date and venue of the Course.

The Course Provider shall be entitled to vary the Fee after booking in the event that the cost of providing the Course increases between booking and the date scheduled for the Course for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Course Provider. In these circumstances the Delegate may either pay the additional Fee or cancel the booking with a full refund.

Payment of the Fee to the Booking Agent shall represent the good discharge of the Delegate’s payment obligations. The Booking Agent is authorised to collect payment of the Fee on behalf of the Course Provider.

5.0 Cancellation and/or variation by the Course Provider
In the event that a Course is cancelled by the Course Provider the Course Provider shall refund the Fee to the Delegate. The Course Provider shall have no liability to the Delegate (either the individual Delegate or his or her employer) whether in respect of direct or indirect loss beyond the refund of the fee in the event of cancellation by the Course Provider.

In the event that the Course details are varied by the Course Provider the Booking Agent will notify the Delegate of the variation on behalf of the Course Provider. If the Course details as varied are not suitable for the Delegates or otherwise are unacceptable to him or her, the Delegate may cancel the booking and the Course Provider will refund the Fee to the Delegate. The Course Provider shall have no liability to the Delegate (either the individual Delegate or his or her employer) whether in respect of direct or indirect loss beyond the refund of the Fee in the event of variation by the Course Provider of the Course details leading to cancellation by the Delegate.

5.1 Cancellation / Transfer of course by the Delegate
In the event that the Delegate wishes to cancel the booking he or she may do so and in those circumstances the following provisions shall apply:

Transport Manager CPC classroom course terms and conditions

Transport Manager CPC Home Study Professional

Driver CPC Training terms and conditions

6.0 Liability
6.1 Except as set out expressly elsewhere in these Terms & Conditions or to the extent that any other provision of these Conditions is found to be void or otherwise unenforceable for any reason the Course Provider’s liability in respect of any loss, claims, costs, liabilities or expenses, whether direct or indirect incurred by or made against the Course Provider in connection with a Course or failure to run a Course on which the Delegate had booked shall be limited to the Fee paid by the relevant Delegate.

6.2 Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall exclude or limit the Course Provider’s liability for death or personal injury arising as a result of the Course Provider’s negligence or arising from a fraudulent misrepresentation by the Course Provider.

6.3 It is the responsibility of the Delegate to ensure that any Course on which he or she books a place is appropriate for the Delegate’s requirements.

6.4 For the avoidance of doubt, there shall be no contract between the Delegate and the Booking Agent but to the extent that any claim is made against the Booking Agent by a Delegate the Booking Agent shall have the benefit of the limitations and exclusions of liability provided for in these Conditions.

7.0 Intellectual Property
The rights in all documents provided to the Delegate in connection with the Course (‘the Course Materials’) are the property of the Course Provider and the Delegate shall not use or reproduce such documents for any commercial purpose including but not limited to distribution among other employees of the Delegate.

The Delegate (both the individual and the employer) shall jointly and severally indemnify the Course Provider against any claims, costs, loss, liability or expenses incurred by or made against the Course Provider in connection with any breach by the Delegate of clause 5.1.

8.0 Data Protection
The Course Provider and the Booking Agent may keep records of Delegates’ details and may contact Delegates in the future about Courses or other services available through or from the Course Provider or the Booking Agent which may be of interest to Delegates. Please strike out this clause if you do not wish the Course Provider and/or the Booking Agent to contact you and return a copy of these Conditions to the Booking Agent on behalf of the Course Provider.

9.0 Force Majeure
The Course Provider shall not be under any liability of any kind in the event of non-performance or defective performance by it of the Course Provider’s obligations under these Conditions where such non or defective performance is beyond the reasonable control of the Course Provider.

10.0 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Notwithstanding that Courses may be provided in Scotland and Northern Ireland, these Conditions shall be governed by English law and any disputes arising in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

11.0 General
Any obligation or liability in these Conditions which is expressed to be a liability of or obligation on the Delegate shall be joint and several on the individual Delegate and his or her employer where the individual’s attendance on the Course relates to his or her employment and / or where the employer pays for his or her attendance.

These Conditions may be enforced or relied upon by the Booking Agent in addition to the Delegate and the Course Provider to the extent that any claim is made by a Delegate against the Booking Agent. If any of these Conditions or any part therefore is unenforceable or void at law, it shall not affect the remainder or otherwise affect the contract between the Course Provider and the Delegate and shall be replaced by a valid term as near as possible in effect to the original term.

12.0 Complaints Policy
We are committed to providing a high quality, accessible and responsive service to our clients. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service to you and to other customers is by listening and responding to your comments and complaints.

Your Comments
We are always pleased to receive your comments about our services. It is useful for us to know when we have done a good job, as well as when things have gone less well. This helps us maintain and enhance our services to all our customers.

Your Complaints
We hope you will be fully satisfied with the service you receive from Ridgeway Training Limited but if you have a complaint about our services, we want to hear from you. We will take your complaint seriously and will address it and respond to it as quickly as possible.
How to send your Feedback
You can send us your comments or complaints, which we will deal with confidentially, by telephone, email or in writing:
Telephone: 01293 535850
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With regard to Driver CPC Courses, you may also contact:

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What we need to know
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What happens next
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Further Information:
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