Driver CPC



Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

What is Driver CPC?

Driver CPC is compulsory periodic training for vocational drivers, introduced to improve fuel efficiency, road safety and to promote vocational driving as a career within the EU.

Driver CPC can include courses covering Operator Licence Protection, First Aid, Drivers Hours and Vulnerable Road User Awareness allowing you the opportunity to increase your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Who is included?

Both PCV & LGV Vocational Drivers, need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years. New drivers need to complete initial training, modules 2 & 4 and then 35 hours of periodic training within the first five years and then ongoing every five years.

If you require module 2 & 4 please contact our partner company Specialised Driving Force.

It is recommended for drivers to keep track of the periodic hours they have completed by registering on the .GOV check my driver cpc website.  Not only can you track what hours you have completed and got to complete, but you will also know when you are going to receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC).


  • FORS Truck Smart
  • Protect your Operators Licence
  • Emergency First Aid at Work*
  • Driver Health & Wellbeing
  • Health & Safety / Manual Handling
  • Safeguarding & Vulnerable Road User Awareness
  • Drivers’ Hours, Working Time
  • NEW – LoCITY Driving

All courses cover 7 hours Driver CPC

Upcoming dates

Monday 27th January – Drivers’ Hours, Working Time (HGV) – Full
Tuesday 28th January – LoCity Driving – Limited
Wednesday 29th January – Emergency First Aid at Work – Limited
Thursday 30th January – Driver Health & Wellbeing
Friday 31st January – Health & Safety / Manual Handling

Monday 3rd February – Drivers’ Hours, Working Time (HGV)
Tuesday 4th February – LoCity Driving
Wednesday 5th February  – Emergency First Aid at Work
Thursday 6th February – Driver Health & Wellbeing
Friday 7th February – Health & Safety / Manual Handling

Tuesday 6th April – Protect the O licence (PSV)
Wednesday 7th April – Safeguarding (PSV)
Thursday 8th April – Emergency First Aid at Work
Friday 9th April – Health & Safety / Manual Handling

Tuesday 14th April – Emergency First Aid at Work
Wednesday 15th April – Safeguarding (PSV)
Thursday 16th April – Protect the O Licence (PSV)
Friday 17th April – Health & Safety / Manual Handling

Saturday dates

Saturday 29th February – Health & Safety / Manual Handling
Saturday 14th March – FORS Truck Smart

*At Specialised Driving Force Ltd

Dates above not suitable? Please get in touch if you have a specific date in mind that you require Driver CPC training for.


Individual dates – £69 + VAT per driver, at our training centre (*£79 + VAT for First Aid module)

5 Day DCPC – £403.75 per driver (including VAT and DVSA upload)

In-Company – £795 + VAT  (up to 20 drivers, max 15 drivers for First Aid)

Please note there is a £8.75 (no vat) DVSA upload fee, per driver for individual public dates and in-company


(8.30am) 9am – 5pm

Find out more

To book any of the dates above or for an in-company date, contact us today on 01293 535850 or drop us an email on