Smartcheck – Driver Vehicle Safety Check

Around 85% of roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness could have been avoided if an effective walk-around vehicle check had been conducted.

Transform traditional paper-based, walk-around checks to real-time, one-time data input and compliance that’s completely configurable and cloud-based, with our enterprise class mobile driver vehicle safety check software.

There are many reasons why SmartCheck is better for any size transport business to make their operations faster, safer, more cost-effective and confident of compliance.

Why SmartCheck?

SmartCheck offers benefits for every role in your organisation by making data reporting easy and accessible.
By capturing walk-around vehicle check results in real time, complete with pictures if needed, your people have access to reliable data and management information, can easily demonstrate compliance and use the information to focus on any problem areas of non-compliance that could result in expensive fines or loss of the operators’ licence.

SmartCheck enables:

  • Commercial Drivers to perform safety checks of vehicles and other transportation assets using smartphones and industrial handheld computers
  • Transport Managers to see the status of all vehicles in the fleet in real time and track the history of safety checks and repairs using a web browser.
  • Fleet Mechanics to log repairs and to set the safety status of vehicles in the fleet using a web browser.
  • Transport Operators to generate electronic compliance reports for the DVSA and generate internal reports of defects and repairs.


£4 per vehicle per month

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