What is DVSA Earned Recognition?

DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Earned Recognition, launched in 2018, is a voluntary scheme designed to work for operators of all sizes. Lorry, bus and coach operators can demonstrate they meet exemplary driver and vehicle standards. Since its launch over 100 operators have joined the scheme, with many smaller operators now coming on board.

Why should I join?

The thought of sharing your maintenance and drivers’ hours records with DVSA may sound rather daunting, but the benefits of the scheme far out way this. Equally, DVSA will not have direct access to any of your data or systems and will work with you to fix any problems, should you miss any KPI’s. So, what are the benefits of being part of this scheme?

  • Reduced vehicle downtime and increased productivity through fewer DVSA inspections and roadside checks
  • Increase new business opportunities by showing you are an exemplary operator
  • Save time and money by organising important compliance information in one place, through integrated IT systems.
  • Gain public and industry recognition through the use of the marquee across your marketing channels.

For more detailed information, download the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Guide

What is required?

First of all, you must have held your operator licence for a minimum of two years. Next, you need to have IT systems in place to monitor vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours and to check that you are meeting a set of DVSA earned recognition KPIs (key performance indicators). If you think you already have these, check the DVSA website for their list of approved systems. Finally, Operators must be audited against a defined set of standards that must be met for the operator to achieve DVSA Earned Recognition status.

How can we help?

As an industry recognised provider of auditing services, Ridgeway Training will ensure you have the systems in place and are fully prepared to pass the DVSA audit and achieve the full qualification.

  • Preparation of policies, procedures and systems
  • Demonstrating an approved DVSA IT supplier system
  • Providing you with an audit report that is submitted to DVSA for approval
  • Providing ongoing compliance advice and services

Find out more

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