Smartlicence – Driver Licence Checking


In the fleet industry, whether you are running a car, motorcycle, van, truck, bus or coach, the driver is an essential part of delivering your mission.

For this reason, it is vital that you make sure that your drivers drive legally on a valid driving licence.

Checking driving licenses and making copies of documents is a very dull task and very time consuming for many organisations who currently do this via the .GOV website, but what if there was an easier way?

At Ridgeway Training, we are now offering Smartlicence – Driver Licence Checking Service, powered by Descartes. At a small cost of £4+VAT per licence check, why not let us take this time consuming task of your hands?

Smartlicence is a comprehensive online tool for companies to manage driving licences of their employees and verify the licence details with the DVLA. Smart Licence allows organisations to assess the risk of licensed drivers and conduct regular checks with the DVLA in accordance with that risk. Smart Licence provides a historical log of checks and any changes to the licence details demonstrating to the authorities that your organisation have systems and processes in place to ensure staff are licensed to drive. As with Smartanalysis data is secure, managed in accordance with ISO27001, backed up and always available wherever you have internet access.

The service we offer is managed and accessed via our online portal. The portal allows you to quickly see a dashboard overview of your reports, allowing you to easily click through to further detail in the reports and provides the ability to manage the alerts you receive and as well as ongoing actions off the back of the information available – putting you back in control.

Keeping a manual record of Driver CPC training?

By taking both Smartanalysis and Smartlicence, you can now view fully automated Driver CPC training records, saving time and providing peace of mind that your drivers are compliant and on track with this key industry training requirement.



£4+VAT per licence check

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