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Well, here we are in the middle of spring and in amongst a load of uncertainty and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on the road transport & logistics industry in a variety of ways.

Covid -19 has hit the country hard and with little or no support for most companies available, it is going to be a tough road to travel, but the good news is the government has seen sense on a few areas. Drivers whose ADR licence has expired or is due to expire have been granted 6 months grace while the country repairs itself. More common sense from the Government is that the Driving & Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) has advised that there should be no further classroom-based Driver CPC training until 21st June 2020. However, this has potentially left both HGV & PCV drivers whose Driver Qualification Card (DQC) runs out before then, with a problem. Equally this causes a problem for anyone holding a pre 1997 car licence with a 7.5 tonne or minibus entitlement and those with acquired rights, who currently don’t hold a Driver CPC, but require this to potentially find new employment.

Que, online Driver CPC training…

The DVSA has now authorised JAUPT approved Driver CPC training centres to offer this new form of training but they must meet required DVSA standards. Ridgeway Training is now one of these authorised centres to deliver online Driver CPC training and has a wide range of courses available.

“We have never been a company to stand still to see what happens, so with this in mind we have been working tirelessly to provide online Driver CPC so that the drivers keeping the country going can keep up to date with their Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Driver CPC. Over the last few weeks we have received a number of enquiries from those who have acquired rights but don’t currently hold a DQC and are looking for re-employment. This is why it is imperative that we continue to deliver Driver CPC training to support the industry but ultimately the drivers.”  says Chris Shelford – Managing Director, Ridgeway Training.

“Drivers will need access to a computer with a camera, a broadband connection and will need to let us have a copy of their driving licence and DQC, if applicable, prior to the course start time. Driver CPC periodic training is designed to ensure drivers knowledge base is up to date and that they continue to be safe, compliant and efficient drivers. This will also enable drivers to keep abreast with ever changing regulations which will benefit them throughout their whole career. We have seen a rapid pivot in educational needs, with demands on the logistics and passenger sectors soaring as home delivery and pharmaceutical supply chains are put under pressure. So we as a company, that has been supporting the industry for over 25 years, has reacted to provide support for these firms making a difference.”

Since December 2019 Ridgeway Training has also been creating a remote Transport Manager CPC platform allowing candidates to sit the qualification at a time and place that suits. Ordinarily this has always been an intensive course spread over 9 days. Now,  candidates have access to the five core modules in a video format and additional tools to help their learning experience from the comfort of their surroundings.

Our vision is to carry on keeping the industries updated and allow drivers to remain compliant, confident and able to support the country going forward.

A review of the advice regarding classroom-based training will take place in June.

If you require Driver CPC training and are interested in our online courses, please click here, or call 01293 535850, email:

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