New, flexible short-distance exemption to come for Section 19 & 22 permit holders

Well, we all knew it was coming and some of you have already been proactive, for those of you who have not reacted here is what you need to know.

From October, legislation will be introduced formalising a theoretical 10-mile exemption for section 19 & 22 permit holders, for the requirement to hold an O-Licence.

Rural operators are up in arms to the proposal, rural Community Transport Operators will be able to make the case that ‘short distance’ constitutes more than 10 miles. Additionally, these permit holders will be able to choose whether the use of a radius or a straight-line measurement suits them best.

Ultimately, there is little clarification when this will start officially, if there will be exemptions or restrictions on the size of operators, or if there is any lead time to allow organisations time to react.

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