FORS accreditation: What’s it all about?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, more often known as FORS, is a voluntary accreditation scheme that helps to promote good practice within commercial vehicle operators. With over 4500 members, the FORS scheme has helped to promote improved safety, efficiency and environmental protection, as well as improving the public image of its members.

Training for FORS accreditation is essential if you want your organisation to operate safely and perform more efficiently.

Understanding where to begin can be tricky for some companies. The first step for most organisations is to gain a bronze (entry level) accreditation.

Bronze, Silver and Gold – CPC Training

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FORS comes in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The lowest level of accreditation requires only confirmation that an operator employs good practices and is compliant with all legal conditions of business. Even for large established companies this can prove a headache. In fact, over two thirds of industries seeking FORS accreditation are found to be wanting in many areas.

Silver accreditation requires more investment than Bronze, being awarded only to high quality operators with commitments to safety and reducing environmental impact. Whilst these targets may seem like they serve to distract from the tasks of general operation, improvements to safety and fuel efficiency can prove profitable for many companies in the longer term.

Gold accreditation is more challenging to achieve and requires meeting specific targets as well as continuing to improve performance.

Is it worth it? – CPC Training

Gaining and maintaining FORS accreditation helps to separate the wheat from the chaff amongst commercial vehicle operators. By keeping FORS accreditation you guarantee safety and excellence that customers know and can trust. The standards for accreditation are high, especially for Silver and Gold, but come with the territory of being a top commercial vehicle operator.

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Gaining a FORS accreditation can be difficult if you don’t seek the right course and the right instructor. Here at Ridgeway we provide high quality training courses to our clients with a very high pass rate. To learn more about the services that we offer, click here. For further information, call us on 01293 535850 or drop us an email on