Now is the time to check your Driver CPC

The dust has now settled on the second major Driver CPC deadline, since the periodic training came into force back in 2009 for LGV drivers and 2008 for PSV drivers, with acquired rights.

I’m sure back in the summer there were many drivers across the industry suddenly realising they still needed to complete their 35 hours periodic training before the all-important 9th September deadline, but should we have learnt not to have left it to the last minute?

If we cast our minds back to the first five-year Driver CPC deadline, back in 2014, there were over a million driver uploads sent to the DVSA during the months of July and August! It begs the question as to what the industry statistics from the DVSA will reveal this time around? Will they be very similar, and should we have learnt from the first five-year deadline?

During the summer months, Ridgeway Training delivered Driver CPC modules six days a week, and that was just at our training centre, let alone at companies premises.

Keeping uptodate with Driver CPC is effectively a drivers responsibility to ensure they are meeting there deadline and completing their 35 hours in time. However, there are certainly implications for an operator as well. For drivers driving without a DQC, or failing to produce it, this generally comes with a £50 fixed penalty fine, however if a driver has not completed any periodic Driver CPC training then this can carry a maximum fine of £1,000 for both the driver and the operator licence holder. These offences will be referred to the Traffic Commissioner who will then consider what action to take. This could include suspending the driver’s licence and/or the operator’s licence.

Something our trainers always stressed the importance of to drivers, is to ensure they are aware of how many modules they have completed and how many they have left to do, prior to their deadline, and there are two ways in which this can be done.

For those who are computer literate, and i appreciate that not everyone is,  you can register for the check your Driver CPC service online, through the DVSA website. All you need is your driving licence number and your home postcode; that’s it, just sit back and wait a few days for your password to arrive in the post. Once received, pop back onto the check your Driver CPC portal and enter the information you have received, your all set up and good to go. You can then check the following information:

  • How many hours of Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training you’ve done
  • Which courses you’ve attended
  • When you’ll get your next Driver CPC card
  • Create a temporary password for your employer so they can view your record
  • View your employee’s record if they’ve given you a temporary password

For those who are not so computer literate and like to do things the old fashioned way, i.e picking up a phone, you can indeed contact the DVSA in order to find out how many Driver CPC hours you have completed and what you have left to do. The number to call for DVSA Driver CPC enquiries is 0300 123 7721, available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

So, now the second Driver CPC deadline has past, this is the perfect time to register with check your Driver CPC.

And remember to keep an eye out for upcoming Driver CPC courses at Ridgeway Training. We have already added a new module called LoCity Driving and will continue to refresh and update our current modules. We are also hoping to include some new and exciting Virtual Reality (VR) Driver CPC training for Safe Urban Driving, watch this space!

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