The importance of Banksman Duties for Health and Safety in the workplace. Ridgeway Training – Health and Safety Crawley

As a business, there are many things that need to be considered to make the environment safe for your workers as well as the people visiting your site.

In the haulage industry, this is particular apparent as there are many large vehicles in operation at any one time and good management of the movement of these vehicles is crucial to the safe operation of your company.

What does the Banksman do? Ridgeway Training – Health and Safety courses Crawley

The banksman is the person in charge of directing the movement of large vehicles on site, particularly those which are loading and unloading. The banksman will be the eyes and ears of the driver and will ensure that safe manoeuvres are carried out without putting anyone at risk or danger.

The banksman will provide information to the driver of what is going on around the vehicle in situations where they may not have full visibility.

Health and Safety courses Crawley

Is training necessary and what does it include? Ridgeway Training – Health and Safety courses Crawley

The role of the banksman is crucial to the working environment and means that they must be fully trained in order to carry out this role. It is vital that the banksman has extensive Health and Safety knowledge, including some of the following aspects:

  • Understanding the main causes of accidents.
  • Learning how to prevent common accidents.
  • Understanding machinery and equipment.
  • Understanding the correct procedures for manoeuvring equipment.

Here at Ridgeway Training we provide a full and thorough course in Health and Safety and Banksman duties, carried out in your workplace with your workers.

We recently carried out banksman training for the representatives of United and DJ Grab Hire on site in Horley. The candidates were put through their paces, learning different techniques which are required to be a competent banksman.

Health and Safety Courses Crawley

Health and Safety Courses Crawley

With all the candidates having been in the industry for many years, we were delighted to see their willingness to adapt and learn new processes to aid and enhance the safety on site.

By attending the training, both companies demonstrated a desire to improve safety standards in the workplace.

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