KN95 FFP2 Protective Masks

Help protect your workforce with our latest FFP2 KN95 face masks

The situation with COVID-19 seems to be slowly calming down. However, as there is still a serious risk of infection, it is recommended that businesses ensure they have appropriate protection for their employees.

The medical grade KN95 grade (FFP2 grade equivalent*), provides your workforce with protection up to 95.99% of:

  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • dust
  • chemicals
  • particles
  • pollen
  • smoke

* FFP2 grade certification

Made of soft cotton mesh the KN95 medical grade EN149 certified masks provide excellent breath ability and extra comfort, through the Dual Air Valve Respirator. Consequently it does not get too hot inside the mask and helps prevent eye wear from fogging. The masks feature a hanging ear design and contour mouth design, which helps ensure an effective seal from the outside air. The adjustable hook & loop strap provides good all-day comfort. The masks can be used for 5 to 7 days provided they are not wet, dirty or punctured.



Quantity                  Price per mask
>60                           £4.25 + 50p postage
60+                           £4.25 + £15 fixed postage
100+                         £4 + £15 fixed postage

Minimum order of 20 – boxes of 10


How do i order?

To place your order call us on 01293 535850 or you can click here to drop us an email 

All masks are dispatched within 24 hours and are factory vacuumed sealed.